Safety & Health - Starts at the Top

We are committed to providing a safe workplace and protecting the environment and the communities in which we live and work. This commitment starts at the top and extends to every SRC Energy employee, contractor and service partner. We dedicate significant financial, human and technological resources to fulfill this commitment. 


At the heart of our commitment to safe operations is the creation and maintenance of our safety culture in which every SRC Energy employee and contractor has individual responsibility and authority to act.

All personnel (SRC Energy and contractor) have the obligation and expectation to use our STOP Work Authority program without the concern of any negative repercussion.  This allows all workers to watch out for safety and environmental issues and stop the job to safely assess the work before continuing, which promotes the reduction of safety and environmental incidents.




We invest in ongoing training for our employees to help establish and maintain our safety culture. We use a variety of training methods ranging from in-house training programs to training provided by qualified outside organizations having expertise in specialized disciplines. We require all contractor employees to be current on required training to provide field services for SRC Energy.

Contractor Management Program:

Our Contractor Management Program ensures that our third-party contractors are aligned with our Environmental, Health, and Safety culture. All contractors are required to have an active ISNetworld account which screens contractor safety records. We require new contractors go through a comprehensive Contractor Safety Program and we perform periodic field safety audits of our contractors, especially for work with higher risk components.

Employee Safety Program:

Employees are required to receive ongoing safety training relevant to their operational and technical functions.

  • We require all new field employees as well as employees who are required to visit the field to go through our comprehensive in-house Safety Onboarding Orientation.
  • Well control training is provided by Wild Well Control.
  • We use Resilient RM for incident command.
  • We use Masterynet for OSHA compliance training

Internal Incident Reporting Program:

  • Insures that all incidents, even near misses, are timely reported so that similar incidents can be prevented in the future.

STOP Work Authority Program:

SRC encourages employees and contractors to shut down any operation they believe may be unsafe with our STOP Work Authority program. Our safety culture goes beyond compliance by empowering everyone to ensure every jobsite is safe.

STOP Work Authority program