Land Management - Reducing Our Footprint

We employ proven operational practices, technology and techniques to minimize the impact of our operations on the land where we operate.

Horizontal drilling has rejuvenated economic development of the DJ Basin. It enables operators to recover more of the oil and gas resources from new state-of-the-art locations. We are committed to modernizing the DJ Basin by replacing vintage wells with new horizontal development. Our development program allows us to take a thorough look at all the vintage wells within our acreage and determine a remediation plan. Plugging and reclaiming wells allows SRC Energy to give surface land back to owners and helps consolidate new well sites for horizontal drilling along with providing an improved safety profile and environmental protection.

  • Drilling multiple wells from a single pad site using horizontal drilling techniques significantly reduces the surface footprint of our operations and improves operational efficiency and safety. (See Illustration)
  • In one recent example¬†of a typical SRC Energy horizontal development project, we developed 2,240 subsurface oil and gas acres with a permanent surface disturbance of only 10.34 acres and reclaimed 64.8 acres by plugging and decommissioning 54 old vertical wells. As a result, we reduced our surface footprint in the project area by 84%.


Reducing Our Footprint

SRC BOST Farm Project