Community Responsibility

Community responsibility at our company is centered on our day to day efforts to explore, develop and produce oil and natural gas in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. We take great pride in our efforts to go over and above mandated regulations for the safety and benefit of our employees, our community and our environment.

SRC Energy is a Colorado based company and many of our employees live in areas where we operate. Our charitable giving campaigns have a “give local” theme, with our primary focus supporting organizations and nonprofits that help people in need that live in Weld County. Organizations such as the Weld Food Bank or coordinating community education and outreach through programs offered by the Poudre Learning Center are good examples of where we direct our charitable giving.

We take great pride in the safety of our employees, our community and our environment such as regularly scheduled air and water quality monitoring, noise and light suppression practices, on-site automation utilizing the latest state of art technology to remotely monitor the safety of the location.

SRC is also engaged in sharing the processes of safe oil and gas development within the communities and believe the processes should be shared in a transparent way. For more information on the oil and gas industry, please visit any of these websites for the organizations listed below:

Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development
Colorado Oil & Gas Association
Independent Petroleum Association of America

SRC Energy invested in the expansion of the Poudre Learning Center which has started an Energy Institute for both elementary and secondary school teachers throughout the Front Range that will give teachers the tools to educate about oil and gas development and how it impacts them daily. For more details on the Poudre Learning Center, please visit their website.

Nonprofits We Work With

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