Our Strategy

SRC Energy’s primary objective is to enhance shareholder value by increasing the company’s net asset value, net reserves and cash flow through acquisitions, development, exploitation, exploration and divestiture of oil and gas properties. SRC Energy intends to follow a balanced risk strategy by allocating capital expenditures in a combination of lower risk development and exploitation activities and higher potential exploration prospects.

Leverage management’s significant experience and expertise in the basin.

Concentrate on core operating areas where the company has significant operating experience. Focusing operations in this way leverages managements’ technical and operational experience.

Maintaining an efficient drilling program in proven low-risk areas with predictable rates-of-return.

Drill and develop existing oil and natural gas properties. Since inception the company’s principal growth strategy has been to develop and exploit acquired and discovered properties to add proved reserves. As of December 2017, SRC Energy had leasehold covering approximately 90,000 net acres in the Wattenberg Field. SRC Energy began drilling operated horizontal wells in May, 2013 and now has over 200 gross operated horizontal wells in production.

Continuing to expand acreage footprint through leases and acquisitions.

The company seeks to acquire undeveloped and producing oil and gas properties that provide opportunities for reserve additions and increased cash flow through production enhancement and additional development and exploratory prospect generation opportunities.

Operational control over the development drilling of horizontal wells.

As operator on a majority of its production and undeveloped acreage, SRC Energy controls the timing and selection of new wells to be drilled or work-over activities on existing wells. This allows the company the ability to modify capital spending as financial resources allow and market conditions support.

Maintain financial flexibility while focusing on controlling the costs of operations.

SRC Energy intends to finance operations through cash on the balance sheet, internally generated cash flow, and utilization of its credit facility. The company believes it is fully funded to meet drilling and completion capex needs for calendar 2018. SRC Energy continues to focus on efficient operations with a goal to reduce costs.